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Although the increased exposure of behaviors of handwashing and mask-wearing was repeated throughout the pandemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), few people paid enough attention to this. A descriptive statistic was utilized to produce a sense the status of hand hygiene and mask-wearing among primary school students in Wuhan, China. A binary logistic regression analysis was conducted to distinguish the danger factors affecting the behaviors of hand washing and mask-wearing. p < 0.05 (two-sides) was viewed as significant at statistics. 42.05% in the primary school students showed a fantastic behavior of hand washing, while 51.60% had a great behavior of mask-wearing.

Gender, grade, out-going history, father’s occupation, mother’s educational background, and also the time submitting the survey were significantly associated with hand hygiene, whereas grade, mother’s educational background, and residence were linked to custom face mask wearing. The behaviors of hand washing and mask-wearing among primary school students were influenced by gender, grade, and other factors, therefore, parents should make efforts of behavior guidance whereas governments should enlarge medium publicity.

Perform mask detection to predict with mask or without mask

Before applying the NIV mask, each subject’s face was photographed. After fitting the mask, the strap tension was adjusted to ensure the leakage volume was ∼40 L/min, with or without the fitting device. Afterward, the discomfort levels in the nasal bridge, cheeks, chin, and forehead, in addition to discomfort due to leakage, was measured employing a 10-point rating scale when the higher values indicate greater discomfort. After cessation of ventilation, each participant wore the NIV mask for one more 30 min, with or without the fitting device, given it was difficult for the participants to tolerate long-term ventilation. After 30 min, the discomfort level was evaluated again, apart from discomfort due to leakage, pictures were acquired a second time.


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